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AthenaRMS Basics: Access

AthenaRMS has a simple and straight forward security model. Support staff are assigned to each AthenaRMS queue with the following roles: user, admin, super admin, and RMS Admin.

  • Users can edit tickets and ticket attributes.
  • Admins can edit RMS settings for their own queue, including problem types, sources and templates.
  • Super admins have the ability to create completely new attribute types.
  • RMS Admins (presently restricted to MNL staff) can create new queues and add new people to an RMS.

In addition to the roles above, each support staff associated with an RMS queue can be configured as a read-only member, or be given the ability to edit only their own ticket, or all tickets. Each support staff can also be configured to show up in either, both, or neither the support owner, and the escalated owner drop-down menus for the queue, so that tickets or escalations can be assigned to them.