Customer Login


Customer Care
From the customer's viewpoint, AthenaRMS allows for complete control.

  • Customers can view request status at any time
  • They can see full correspondence history for each request
  • Each ticket can be reopened by the customer.

Company Convenience
From the company's viewpoint, AthenaRMS offers sophisticated automation and great flexibility.

  • Responses to common problems can be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously, with the ability to update and close any ticket.
  • Custom roles can be defined allowing for fine grained control over system privileges and field access
  • Multiple queues can overlap and be integrated (great for departments where ownership of an issue may move from one group to another)

Designed with HTML and PHP, AthenaRMS can be easily customized to look the way you want and track the data that is important to you.

  • AthenaRMS accepts from any web form and email, including attachments of any file type.
  • Multiple levels of customization exist, from the look and feel of administrative pages, to the data model itself.

Speed of Deployment

  • New queues can be set up in minutes.
  • A complete solution can be set up in less than a day, including installation, web form integration, email setup, testing and role assignment